For Sale

These are second hand items for sale from my personal stock:

28th October 2019:

Over the next few months I intend to list many Brian May related items for sale, and these items may also be listed on eBay as well as on my website:

1. My 2003 Deacy Amp replica prototype which is comprised of the 1998 Deacy Amp cabinet which I painted and assembled at Brian May’s Allerton Hill studio in July-August 1998 and the 2001-2003 Deacy head developed by Colin Bloxsom and myself. The original amp is one of 3 Deacy Amp replicas made by Dave Petersen and myself for Brian May in 1998.

This amp also includes as a separate item the original 1998 amp head made by Dave Petersen, which was later replaced and superceded by the superior sounding 2001-2003 Deacy Amp prototype head developed by Colin Bloxsom and myself. The cabinet had its speaker grille cloth and piping installed by Marshall at Milton Keynes in 1998 thanks to  Marshall rep Andy Milner who was of great assistance to us at Brian’s studio at the time. The Deacy Amp cabinet houses a UK made Eurotech twin cone 6.5″ speaker. This Deacy Amp replica is the best sounding Deacy Amp that I have heard apart from Brian’s original amp.

2. Driver/Coupling Tranformers and Output Transformers which I developed for the Deacy Amp project from 2001-2007. These were developed with Tortech Australia and  were made in New Zealand, and are exceptional sounding transformers and amongst the very best that I have heard for this purpose.

3. Several Eurotech UK made 6.5″ twin come speakers made in 2001. These are superb sounding speakers for Deacy Amp replicas and are vastly better sounding than the Phillipine made Dai-Ichi 8ohm twin cone speaker which I later found for our project when Nigel Knight and I were developing our Deacy Amp prototype amps from 2003-2008.

4. Vintage Valves in new condition:

GZ34/5AR4 rectifier:

Mullard GB 1960-70s production: 2 pcs

Brimar GB 1960-70s production: 1 pc

Bought in 1999 from Watford Valves UK and Evatco Australia

New Old Stock as-new condition, not used apart from brief testing in 1999.

Photos and prices available soon as I get some time to list these goods.

EL34 Sylvania USA made mid 1980s new old stock, bought in approx 1985-1986 and never used: 4 pcs

Photos and prices available soon. Min order qty 4 pcs

6CA7 (EL34) Philips Australia (tall glass),Bought new in 1980 and never used: 1 pc

Photo and price available soon

5. ‘Fryer Sound’ 1 Watt amp kit parts – 1 only


Germanium transistors new old stock:

AC128:  approx 70 pcs

AC125:  approx 10 pcs

AC126: approx 6 pcs

AC188: approx 100pcs (good for pedals or Deacy Amp first 2 stages as a substitute for AC125 AC126 OC44 etc)

Whole collection of Germanium transistors is being sold in one lot

Photos and prices available soon


My stock of Burns Trisonic Red Special pickup sets which Adrian Turner and I developed from 2004-2008 for the Brian May BM Super guitar project and other high end Red Special guitars such as the Andrew Guyton Guitars.

I also have 2 original 1964 Burns Trisonic pickups which I have recently purchased about 2 years ago which I may put up for sale. These 2 pickups are in original working condition and are very similar in magnet, coil and appearance to the Burns Trisonic pickups on Brian May’s Red Special guitar. They are the closest pickups that I have seen to those used by Brian on his original Red Special.