For Sale

12th May 2020:

These are second hand items for sale from my personal stock.

Please contact me on if you are interested in buying any of these items. Regards, Greg Fryer

1. Silicon small signal bipolar transistors and FETs which are suitable for use in Brian May style treble boosters and other similar electronic guitar products:

Prices are in Australian Dollars, for currency comparisons please see:

i) BC239CTA Fairchild RoHS 4500pcs  $AUD99.00 plus postage

This is the transistor that I used in the Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Deluxe and Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Plus pedals from 2007 which were later manufactured by Fryer Sound in UK.

BC239CTA Fairchild

ii) BC239C BU Fairchild RoHS  10,500 pcs  $AUD125.00 plus postage

BC239C BU Fairchild RoHS

The BC239C BU is very similar in power to the BC239CTA transistor which I used in the Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Deluxe and Plus pedals, but is warmer sounding than the CTA when used in this type of guitar pedal circuit.

iii) BC239C NOS transistors 250 pcs  $AUD25.00 plus postage

These fine sounding NOS transistors were bought from Dial Electronics UK in 2006.

BC239C NOS transistors Dial Electronics UK

iv) BC237 Fairchild RoHS 5000 pcs  $AUD99.00 plus postage

BC237 Fairchild RoHS

The BC237 Fairchild transistor produces similar output power to the BC182L transistor when used in a treble booster circuit such as the Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster Touring pedal. The BC237 Fairchild is just a little warmer sounding in that circuit than the BC182L transistor.

v) J-201 FET Fairchild 850 pcs  $AUD70.00 plus postage

These J-201 FETs were bought in 2006 and are very suitable for many guitar pedal applications.

J-201 FET Fairchild

vi) MPSA18 and MPSA8098 transistors will be listed soon. Several 1000s are available.


2. Vintage Valves in new condition: photos and prices will be listed soon.

GZ34/5AR4 rectifier:

Mullard GB 1960-70s production: 2 pcs

Brimar GB 1960-70s production: 1 pc

Bought in 1999 from Watford Valves UK and Evatco Australia

New Old Stock as-new condition, not used apart from brief testing in 1999.

Photos and prices available soon as I get some time to list these goods.

EL34 Sylvania USA made mid 1980s new old stock, bought in approx 1985-1986 and never used: 4 pcs

Photos and prices available soon. Min order qty 4 pcs

6CA7 (EL34) Philips Australia (tall glass),Bought new in 1980 and never used: 1 pc

Photo and price available soon


3. ‘Fryer Sound’ 1 Watt amp kit parts – 1 only available, price and photos soon.