For Sale

Second hand items for sale from my personal stock:


Vintage Valves in new condition:

GZ34/5AR4 rectifier:

Mullard GB 1960-70s production: 2 pcs

Brimar GB 1960-70s production: 1 pc

Bought in 1999 from Watford Valves UK and Evatco Australia

New Old Stock as-new condition, not used apart from brief testing in 1999.

Photos and prices available soon

To order please email Greg Fryer at


EL84 Ei made in Belgrade in early 1990s’grey plate’

A very good quality EL84 made on the old Philips Holland tooling bought by Ei in Yugoslavia after Phillips stopped producing valves, according to Derek Rocco at Watford Valves this occurred in the 1970s.

These EL84s came via the Vox Australian distributor (at the time Yamaha Music Australia) service stock and are in brand new condition.

Photos and prices available soon


EL34 Sylvania USA made mid 1980s new old stock

Bought in approx 1985-86 and not used

4 pcs

Photos and prices available soon. Min order qty 4 pcs



6CA7 (EL34) Philips Australia (tall glass)

Bought new in 1980 and never used

1 pc

Photo and price available soon



Germanium transistors new old stock:

AC128:  approx 70 pcs

AC125:  approx 10 pcs

AC126: approx 6 pcs

AC188: approx 100pcs (good for pedals or Deacy Amp first 2 stages as a substitute for AC125 AC126 OC44 etc)

Whole collection of Germanium transistors is being sold in one lot

Photos and prices available soon